What we do

TBOS delivers prompt, practical and personalised advice, support and solutions to its clients. Our experience extends across various sport disciplines such as: Motorsport, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and the full range of Olympic sports.

TBOS emerged from a desire to launch a revolutionary sports management company founded on the core principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. We have an ethical and pro-active approach to sports management and all of the clients that we represent. 

TBOS’ dedicated team of professionals, our carefully selected expert business network and unrivalled contact base, all possess an in-depth practical understanding of the business of sport and high quality technical expertise in their respective fields. 

We understand that each client has individual needs and goals and we are consequently committed to offering a highly professional, commercially-focussed and individually tailored service.

We are committed to delivering professional, intuitive and flexible representation and management to drivers, players and athletes at all stages of their careers, ranging from young academy talent to established professionals. TBOS prides itself on its high quality, ethical and personal approach to sports management and player welfare.


TBOS provides a unique set of benefits to each member of the programme. These range from sporting career transition, tradmarking, management and much more, including the following:

We also work closely with our clients to ensure that they are fully prepared for life after their chosen sport, and continue to advise and represent them after that successful transition has taken place.

For more information about TBOS and the services it provides, please contact us via info@tbosglobal.com